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We are a trusted student recruitment & placement partner for international boarding schools, sixth form colleges & universities, we are cherished by parents for our unique support. Preview Edufair Africa featured past events.


At the Winter Study Tour 2024, we hosted 10 overseas institution reps and visited 8 top rated international high schools in Nigeria. Some of the Notable Schools we worked with during our Winter Study Tour were Grenville Schools Ikeja, Ibadan International School, Premier Academy Lugbe Abuja, Lekki British School, Vine Crest Academy Iperu-Remo, Charles Dale Memorial School, Louiseville girls high school, & Goldspring high school.

GIEF 2.0 - UNILAG 2023

The GIEF 2.0 comprises of 2 school visits and 1 major fair. We visited Grange International School and British International School. The main fair was held at University of Lagos, Nigeria. Notable overseas schools that participated include City University of London, Trine University, Keyano College, Alexandria College, Seneca college, & HNBC.


BSE2023 is a specialist event comprising of 3 school visits and 2 Fairs. With 80+ families in attendance at the fair and we showcase schools such as MPW college, Cologne International School, David Games College, Nord Anglia, LIA Ontario, Saint Mary’s School, North Cedar Academy, Abbey College DLD.

GIEF 1.0

The GIEF 1.0 attracted 1000+ prospect who are interested in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. International Schools that participated are University of Guelph, London International Academy, Seneca College, Hult Business School etc. Keynote speakers include Sope Adekola, Neil Herrington, Iyabode Attah, John Williamson & Lana Foster.

Webinar with Tettenhall

Live session with Victoria McAllister. 

Webinar with Williamsburg

Live webinar with Johnny Graham

Webinar with Ashbury College

Live webinar with Alec Louis-Seize

Webinar with RHS

Live webinar with Emily Allinson

Webinar with Christchurch School

Live webinar with Emily Wilkinson

Webinar with LIA, Ontario, CA

Live webinar with Anna Pushkina

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